Open Letter To Unilorin SU President – Anonymous


As a student why will the school deprive us from our right a country where everyone have right to many things.

A school where we have a student union that is not functioning.
What the student union for?
A school where it doesn’t seems as if we have president.
A school where student can not protest for their right.

Mr president wake up your student are suffering for transport.

Initially korope was #50 to any bus stop
Why the sudden change, filling station are still selling fuel at the rate of #145 and no increment in petrol price.
Why the increment in korope transport? We still manage to accept the increment and as we are told that any korope from school park to sanrab is still remain #50 and any further journey after sanrab is #60
The rules was just given without any effect as korope drive collect #60 for any bus stop,that serious bad.imaging a student board korope at stellamaris and alighted at sanrab still pay #60.
Why are the korope transport exhausting student because they know we can say and our student union can’t fight for us.
A student was molested today at oke-odo by a korope drive with the plate number FUF-781XA because she was fighting for her right.

Student union and the transport management should let us know the way forward for transport and not pending.
If the school management agree with the korope transport union that korope board from school and alighted student at any bus stop is #60 and not oke-odo to sanrab is #50 and mark – terminus is #60.
The embarrassment korope drive are give student is unbearable. we can’t take it any more.

The student union and the school transport committee should look forward to this and take back our right for us.

Please re-edit,repost until it get to Mr president table and school transport management committee.

Enough is Enough
Student cried out.

Judgement must be made..

Updated: November 25, 2019 — 6:38 pm

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