‘Mermaid’ Found In UNILAG Female Hostel (Video)

A girl touted to be a mermaid by some students, was found at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) female hostel.

YaahooJournalist understands that trouble started after the girl identified as Blessing who is being squatted by one Miss Olamide in Fagunwa hall, had a misunderstanding with her roommate.

Giving a summary of the incident, an anonymous writer wrote: “A girl named Blessing who is being squatted by Olamide in Fagunwa hall had a misunderstanding with her. The misunderstanding was caused by a missing wristwatch. Upon losing her necklace, Olamide suspected Blessing and immediately sent her packing from the room and also wrote long notes stating and threatening her not to ever mess with the Marine spirits frankly stating that she is one of them.

“This statement and notes written by the “mammy water” sparked speculations that she was an actual water goddess. Her roommates said that:

1. She only baths in the morning.

2. Upon waking, her bed is always soaked.

3. She wakes up to soak and pour water on her leg.

4. Praying to a necklace over her bed every morning.

“These statements provoked her roommates who dragged her outside while still emphatically insisting that she’s a mermaid.

“These frustrations caused her (mammy water) to reveal that the missing necklace (the one that causes fight) makes her turn into a fish. After these confessions, the Able-bodied Alpha base were then invited into the hostel to lead her out.”

On the other hand, an anonymous UNILAG student who is believed to have come in contact with the reported Mermaid said: “I saw her tail. It’s actually real, her tail was gold and big but she turned back before alpha base came to carry her.

“The girl doesn’t allow people to pour water on her or take pictures of her, she acts weird.”

Watch the video below…


Updated: October 23, 2019 — 6:09 am

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