Kizz Daniel Promises To Help Female Act, After She Cried Out Over S-x-For Help In The Music Industry

You all know it’s Kizz Daniel’s time in the industry at the moment. Though last year was a tough one for him when he and his former record label took themselves to the cleaners, which saw Kizz Daniel changing his name from KISS to KIZZ, but you now what? God came for him! God has now buttered his bread so tey every artiste wants to do a cover for his Fvck you song.

Anyway, fast rising act, Toby Grey who has been in the industry for a couple of years now without succeeding also jumped on the train to do her own cover. Shortly after the cover, Kizz was touched by her lyrics – some which explained HOW EVERY ONE IN THE INDUSTRY WANTS A TASTE OF HER BODY before they can help her.

Kizz then tweeted at her saying, he will be will to help her blow this year, God willing – and NO PUNA is needed! His tweet…

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