7 Nigerian Celebrities With The Cutest Twins Ever (Photos)

If you don’t think twins are cool, then you certainly need to get over yourself. As if having a child wasn’t a beautiful enough experience, being blessed with two or more is divine. Twins are great and when they are identical, they are even better.
While it is certainly too late for us to be twins, and maybe even a game of chance for us to get twins of our own, we simply cannot help but appreciate the ones we see on a daily basis.
Since celebrity twins are the easiest to know about, check out these wonderful pictures of twins of Nigerian celebrities and let it brighten up your day.
TY Bello’s kids
TY Bello’s kids are certainly miracle kids. After nine years of marriage, she was blessed with these awesome twins. Two bouncing boys! Toyin Bello, alongside husband, Kashetu, welcomed Christopher and Christian and they are very proud parents today. These kids are already celebrities as they have graced popular magazines and can be seen in many of the photographer’s shots.
Charly Boy’s grandkids
While Charly Boy isn’t the father of these badass looking angels, he is their grandfather. These kids are hands down one of the cutest twins in the country today. They dress so lit, their hair stays dope, and it looks like they were born with some kind of jazzy swag that can make any baby girl fall. We cannot get enough of Charles and Charly. Don’t they look so cute?!
Desmond Elliot’s kids
If you didn’t know Desmond Elliot was also a proud father of some really cute twins, you’re welcome. The twist of this? They have two sets of twins! As if one set wasn’t divine enough. We’re so happy for Desmond and his wife and we bet they are more than happy for these blessings themselves.
Peter Okoye’s kids
Some people certainly have it all. As if being a twin wasn’t enough, Peter Okoye of P-square has a set of twins of his own. Peter and his wife have a twin boy and girl to call their own. Why wouldn’t they though? Both parents have the looks to back it up. Aliona & Cameron are super cute.
9ice’s kids
It is so astonishing to see some kids. These ones lay credence to the fact that the beautiful ones are not born. Looking at 9ice’s kids, we can attest to that fact without denial. His girls are so irresistibly beautiful that we cannot stop gushing over them.
Mikel Obi’s kids
The Nigerian born Chelsea player and his girlfriend, Olga, are the proud parents of these wonderful twins. The football star has been such a proud father of his babies, Mia and Ava. I mean, wouldn’t you? These kids are simply adorable! Cuteness overload.

Last but definitely not least, are the twin boy and girl belonging to Harrysong and his baby mama. These babies are so cute, they give us baby fever. We absolutely love them and we can only tell him congratulations.

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