Mercy Johnson Breaks The Internet With These Photo

Family bond is very important as not many people can boast of having a good and healthy connection with their parents. Despite that, some folks make it their priority to build lasting relationships with their kids.
Curvy Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, is obviously trying her possible best to be a loving mother to her children. The mother of three has been known to showcase them on social media and they appear to be one happy family.
Johnson took to her Instagram page to share an adorable photo of herself and her daughter sharing a kiss.
In her caption, she explained that her children look up to her, so she tries to be a good role model for them.
She wrote:
“I just can’t settle for anything less, My daughter is watching me and i have to be the woman, I want her to be….I am so guilty of hugging my kids till they say mummy “Its ok” I peck them too,it’s inexplicable and innocent..May God help us to do better as moms……No one is Perfect….No one.”

Looking good is part of showbiz and some celebrities have come to realise this. It has become a trend for stars to dress nicely and take lovely photos to impress their audience.

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