Nigerian Couple Take Pre-Wedding Photoshoot To Nightclub (Photos)

When it comes to pre-wedding photos, a lot of couples tend to go outside the box to create something that won’t only stand out but also be memorable. While many others would rather create a regal picture, this Nigerian couple is putting the fun in pre-wedding photoshoots.

The yet-to-be identified couple have set tongues wagging ever since photos from their pre-wedding shoot surfaced online. In a bid to stand out, the couple took their photoshoot to the night club.

In the photos which have been circulating online, the couple who are dressed in casuals, posed for their photos in what seemed to be a club and judging from the pictures, they had fun making those photos a reality.
In one of the photos, the couple are pictured in a doggy-style pose while in the other, the couple share a passionate kiss by the bar. See photos below:

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