‘My Name Is Not Kupe’- DJ Cuppy Blast Speed Darlington, Teaches Him How To Speak English

Lol. So Yesterday Speed Darlington who says he will contest for the Presidential Election, Shared a video on his page talking about how he intends raising money for the Elections.
He mentioned DJ cuppy advising her to close her legs and let them do business.
But instead of calling her Cuppy, he called her Kupe..lol.
He said:

”I have decided to keep my mind on the money over p**sy. Money is absolutely incredibly powerful. I need that for my presidential bid.

So Kupe. DJ Kupe, I think. CLose your leg, give me money, let’s do the damn thing. I’m ready. I got fire to spit on your record. Let’s do the damn thing. Just make sure you load my pocket.
I hear your dad is dripping with cash. My Benzo needs some repair.”

The DJ cum Singer, reacted to it on her page few hours ago, teaching him how to pronounce the name.

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