Groom Dies In Gruesome Accident While On His Way To Wedding Reception

The families of a supposed-to-be new couple have been thrown into serious mourning after the groom was crushed to death in an accident on his way to his wedding reception yesterday in Accra, Ghana.
The bride who was also involved in the fatal accident, is said to be battling for her life in a hospital after the accident.
According to reports, the Islamic wedding took place on Sunday morning, September 30, 2018.

After the first part of the ceremony, guests were supposed to have converged at Africana Guest House, opposite TF Hostel at Atomic Junction where the reception was supposed to take place.

The groom and his friends then left Adenta in a convoy towards the venue for the reception but things went awry after a vehicle trying to overtake another, ran into the car that was conveying the couple.
The groom who was seriously injured in the accident, was rushed to the Legon Hospital but pronounced dead on arrival, turning the entire function into a mourning ground.
The bride is also on admission at the hospital.

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