US based Nigerian Photographer Outs Davido On Instagram

A US based Nigerian photographer, with the handle, @iamtberry on Instagram, took to the platform few hours ago to out Nigerian singer, Davido.

According to the photographer, the singer supposedly displayed some sorta misdemeanor at an event and so he took to his page to out him.

Calling him ‘trash’ et all, the photographer accused Davido of acting immaturely at the event… he shared this on his page,
Lmfao when I tell people Davido is trash! They don’t believe

I’ll give you a list
-had an attitude the whole time
-didn’t connect with fans
-people went up and asked for pictures and he would roll his eyes
-looked mad asf the whole time
– had his friend tell one of my friends that he wanted to fuck her

So much for chioma my lova right ?
After the report made the rounds online, the singer reached out to to him and confronted him concerning the whole issue as it feels as if he, @iamtberry is set out to spoil his image.
The photographer then apologized to Davido and then said it was all jokes, see the screenshots he shared below,

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