6 Times Bobrisky Stepped Out Looking Totally Gorgeous (Photos)

Okuneye Olarewaju Idris better known as Bobrisky has gradually evolved to becoming a celebrity in his own right, and he has not failed to give his fans something to talk about.
Even though his lifestyle is frowned at by some Nigerians, he also has a lot of fans who would do anything to talk to him, or even meet with him.
Bobrisky is now famous for his feminine ways, even though he started to be known because of his sale of bleaching creams.
Even though he was born a man, he has chosen to be recognized as a woman and he even dresses as such to better make his stance.
Bobrisky, though controversial, is actually quite stylish, and it’s obvious that he takes great care of his looks
Bobrisky looking delectable in this fitted short dress

Bobrisky is the ultimate denim slay queen

Pretty lady turning heads in red

Bobrisky showing us how to gracefully rock a casual look

He is sure making his haters green with envy in this outfit

Bobrisky’s gorgeousness making the beautiful wall paper go unnoticed

According to reports, Bobrisky was held at a detention camp near the Heathrow airport in London and put on a return flight to Lagos by 10pm to arrive Nigeria by 5am on Saturday, Septmber 8.
Bobrisky, however, stated that he was not deported or banned from entering the UK and that he was only asked to go get the right visa

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