Check-out How Much Your Favourite Comedians Are Making On Instagram

These ‘online’ comedians have been able to capture the attention of advertisers and brands who use them -and their jokes- to market products and service at premium costs.  With comics like Lasisi Elenu getting as many as a thousand comments in thirty minutes, one would understand why companies are keen to key into their fan base for maximum exposure. Such is the type of power they wield.
What’s their unique selling point? What attracts fans to their pages? It is their mastery of the medium and ability to interpret roles in a very short period of time. It does take a special kind of skill set up a joke in sixty seconds. Here’s a quick list to show you how much your favourite comedian earns per skit on Instagram.
Lasisi Elenu – N300,000
Mc Lively – N300,000
Broda Shaggi – N300,000
Oluwa Dollz – N250,000
Maraji – N500,000
Woli Arole – N400,000
Woli Agba – N300,000
Charles Okocha aka Igwe 2pac – Varies based on the campaign requirements -N500, 000
Josh2funny – N300, 000
Frank Donga – 500,000

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