Dayo Amusa Blasts Faithia Balogun For ‘Being A Fake Friend’

It may seem as though all is not well between Fathia Balogun and her colleague in the movie industry, Dayo Amusa.
Dayo Amusa called out Fathia Balogun on social media for being hypocritical.
It happened that Fathia had taken to her Instagram page to warn people about a certain kind of friends.
Fathia’s post had read:

No matter what you do, people will never be satisfied. The ones you call your friends are the ones who will laugh behind your back and stab you. Be careful of these kind of fiends.

She didn’t stop there, Obviously pained at a series of unknown events which had recently taken place, she continued;
Friendship is beautiful but when it is not getting the right things done, neither is it moving you forward, it is time to check things out. Have a beautiful day my people, i love you all
Reacting to the post, Dayo Amusa took to the comment section and wrote;

“Practice what you preach”

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