Details Emerge That About 7 Fans Warned D’banj 5 Weeks Ago Following His Son’s Death

As Nigerians mourn with Dbanj and his family over the tragic loss of their son Daniel Oyebanjo (Daniel III), Folks on social media have revealed that he was warned about an incident like this happening some times ago.
Baby Daniel Oyebanjo III aka Daniel D Third, the only child of star singer Dapo Oyebanjo Dbanj, was reportedly playing with a couple of family friends who paid them a visit at their residence in Ikoyi Lagos on Sunday when the boy reportedly fell into the pool.

His mother had reportedly left her child with grown kids believing that they were capable of taking care of him.
After Daniel was found unconscious in the swimming pool, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors broke the devastating news that he was gone.
Five weeks ago, Dbanj made a post on his Instagram page where he was videoed walking beside the pool with his late son Daniel and it could be clearly seen that Daniel’s attention was drawn by the pool as he made steps towards it as he stared, though he was being head by the hands by Dbanj.
Some fans of his who were safety minded saw the danger it could pose to kids and warned him to always keep an eye on him, put a protection on the poolside or put a door on it’s doorway which was obviously neglected.
Here are tweets from Nigerians on Twitter reacting to the tragic news:
This breaks my heart 💔 RIP Daniel 🕊

My heart and prayers are with Dbanj and his family ❤🙏🏾. #Dbanj #Tobination #TobisExhibition #teamtolex #RIP

— T’Marvie 🐱 (@Tungsten_Marvie) June 24, 2018
This pool in Dbanj house was always a hazard to a baby and adult alike. So sad. 💔
— Charles Onyemakonor (@ceonigeria) June 24, 2018

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