Ibinabo Fibresima Explains Why Nollywood Veterans Have Health Problems

Nigerian film actress, ex-beauty pageant and event manager, Ibinabo Fibresima in a fresh interview lamented the spate of illness experienced by Veterans in the movie industry.

She also complained that the Muhammadu Buhari administration was not really helping the movie industry. ”It’s hard because with the past government it was easy to reach out and get help but with this new government it’s not easy. It’s not that they won’t help if we try and reach them but it’s a longer process.
”We still say to our veteran actors, we must learn to start to look after ourselves. I have uncles, aunties that are old, they are not sick because they live well. I keep telling people, we have abused ourselves in our industry because we work so much there is no break, no time out so we will break down one day. And our lifestyles do not help us, we drink, drink and drink we don’t care what we drink as long as it is alcohol.
”We need to stop for a minute and remember that we have a life like every other human being. Being celebrity does not make us supernatural. We should start to look after ourselves so that we can live long. When you get to 40, my dear, start to go to the hospital

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