Runtown Slept With Promoter’s Girlfriend

There’s a very interesting story blowing up online now about Nigerian singer, Runtown.LIB was said to have gotten the scoop a few days back via an anonymous email. A few hours before the drama blew up online this morning,we got another email that reads, ‘Linda; you want to pretend as if you didn’t hear that London promoter BadGuyToba and his fiancée who had a lavish proposal in September have split for her allegedly sleeping with Runtown recently, do your investigations.

This gist is all over Snapchat. He has deleted all pictures from IG and she too and gone private; also Davido and a friend confirmed it on Snapchat too and Toba has been giving hints and saying he will talk about it in due time and saying he has a son to take care off. Saying ‘hide your wife from Runtown’.
The story got a bit more interesting when screenshots of an alleged Davido Snapschat post got out. The Davido post reads, ‘Keep y’all wife’s away from Runtown oo lmao’.

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