MMM Doesn’t Crash, But on Xmas Pause, See PROOOOOOOF

Since its obvious we lack economists in Nigeria to analyze the MMM community, study its behavior and provide us with facts and forecasts on its safety coupled with the blogosphere romance with MMM….
I chose to believe MMM will crash this Xmas and the pics below showing a change in the Mavro system barring further payout (get help) but allowing new members to pay in….
we all know the drills, Nigerians spending pattern towards the yuletide… The economy improves generally cause of increased spending coupled with so much money being circulation regards to increased government spending…its logically sound for one to tow the line of thought that a lot of folks would rush to cash out there Mavros(get help) from MMM ..
I Will leave it to you all my fellow Mavrodians to tell me how MMM will survive the yuletide….

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