The little things that matter a lot in a relationship

Often you may have come across some silly reasons which tend to put an end to any relation. Say for example, you must have heard a girl cribbing about her beau not being caring enough, or he not being a confidant ect……..
The things which sound small to you happen to be the big trouble creators in any relation. Short and sweet is a phrase which happens to be the mantra of handling a relation perfectly. Expensive gifts or cozy dates just don’t work the right way. If you want to know what are these small and sweet gestures then just read on and try to employ them soon:
1. Acknowledgment
Here we doesn’t mean you have to be wait for your partner do something out of the way to make you acknowledge her. In fact, a sweet thank you when she brings in your morning tea or helps you in getting ready for the office will leave a great impact.

2. Be a confidante
Make sure to lend your ears to her always, if you can prove to be a confidante to her then she will not only get closer to you but this will even help in strengthening your bond.

3. Remember dates
Now this one is of extreme importance, remembering the dates is very essential. Whether it is her birthday, your anniversary or anything important for that matter, make a note of it and never 
Updated: March 23, 2019 — 12:51 pm

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