How God Took Me from Mushin to Surulere to Banana Island – Linda Ikeji

Famous blogger and businesswoman, Linda Ikeji, has opened up on her life’s journey from obscurity to fame and wealth.
Linda Ikeji is without a shade of doubt, Nigeria’s richest blogger.
The businesswoman who has over time become very influential and wealthy with her online business, is also very controversial.
Recently, she reflected on how God changed her status from Mushin to Banana Island in an interview with Encomium. 
Below are interesting excerpts from the interview:
A lot of people want to know how you got your wealth?
From blogging! A thousand percent is from blogging. I don’t do any other thing. There is so much money to be made from blogs that people do not know.
How many staffers do you have?
I have over 30. Last month was the first time I paid a lot of people. I was like, I could have kept this whole money for myself but it is part of expansion and growth.
Do you think you court controversy or just misunderstood?
I don’t go out of my way to look for controversy maybe I am being misunderstood. I am a blogger and a business woman, I have to go out of my way to look for gossip for my readers. I don’t want anybody to fail. I don’t wish anybody evil.
How did you feel when Kemi said you took money from Dasuki?
I have never denied it. The reason I never said anything about it was because it was overwhelming. Someone called me and said I should calm down. The person said people have not come to terms with the fact that I bought such a property. Before the whole stuff started, I have never heard of the man’s name. The only money I collected from any APC or PDP was for advert. I know I am not guilty of anything. If not, EFCC would have come for me by now.
When people say such things, I understand where they are coming from. Those who are not into online business will not know how it works. It is only those into online business that know I can buy two of that house.
What will happen to your house when you get married?
My parents would live there. I live with all my family now – my parents and my sisters.
Can you tell us how you felt the day you bought your house?
I was extremely happy. I couldn’t believe it. From Mushin to Surulere to Banana Island. I think you have only one life to live. My dream was a luxurious house and I said if I could afford it, I would get it. It was such an amazing day for me.

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